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Shield- Safe touch tool


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Shield is our take on the safe touch tool. To get started, all you need to do is press the button and deploy the hook. Pop the hook and use it to poke, touch, sign, or tap any surface. Brass is known to kill bacteria and certain viruses in a few hours. When your done using it, simply press the button to disengage and push the hook till it clicks back into place.

3 reviews for Shield- Safe touch tool

  1. lemoine9937

    Expert design, Solid materials and construction. The action is super smooth and snappy. Figit factor x10.

  2. aketchi475mimi (verified owner)

    Soooo much better then any other door tool I’ve tried using. I wish this design was used more. The construct is great and I am SO glad more of these were made.

  3. jaikaiholms

    SHEILD Safe Touch Tool .. I can’t praise this tool enough ! I ordered 3 x black, grey and red via Kickstarter and since taking delivery of them I haven’t left the house without one of them, I use it everyday all day for opening doors ATM buttons, card machines in shops, door entry systems to access building etc etc it’s a superb bit of kit well made and very reliable! They come with a spare spring for the press button spring opening mechanism but the originals are still going strong I haven’t needed to replace one yet!! But it’s there when it’s needed !! If I could give this product six(6) stars I would .. I highly recommend this safe touch tool, I’ve used quite a few over this last year and this is bar far the best ! It looks sooooo much better in hand instead of looking at the pictures ! Love this little tool .. go for it, you won’t regret it .. cheers Jk

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The redesigned Shield that made it to production (and the one shipping) sees the part of the hook that comes into contact with surfaces, completely hidden in the body with a flat end to press buttons.